Sunday, July 22, 2007

hmm.. nu ba ngyari sa araw na ito?

almost 12pm when i got a chance to sleep (and I'm happy i did) when i woke up(30mins later) noticed that am late in my reinforced concrete design(RCD1) class and DAMN!! its 35deg Celsius. I was rushing to get in my class even if I'm 25mins late and so I got in(PWEEW!).

After class, on the way home I was thinking that maybe by that time someone must have called(unluckily..she didn't but its ok). Missing her so much makes me smile despite the temperature that time. Got in the train(LRT2) and I saw 2 cunning studs from FEU (but I really didn't notice them cause I know a better person than them) and after a few station I slept(specifically a nap) when I heard the two which is beside me talking bout the rain.. my brain instantly woke up I said to myself "what the...RAIN!!" and i grab my backpack and look inside if theres something i could use (Pwew!) an umbrella.

Leaving the KATIPUNAN LRT Station was easy and I took a ride leading to MARIKINA BAYAN and from there a Tricycle. Got home and ate 4 slices of pizza ,some chat with my mom and went to bed and have a puff after the stick was done I fall asleep (4-1030pm)

I woke up again, and my tummy is grumbling so bad and went to bathroom. After that, the most awaiting time of the day come, I can talk to her and be fascinated by her words(Ahh the feeling of the unconditonal and relieved)


-end of entry-

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