Thursday, July 26, 2007

weird dreamI had a dream with someone(i really don't know her. first it was like she's dreamin bout me and I asked her(bout some quarrel we had) hoping she'd reply and to my surprise she did and so I jump unto her bed and wake her up. I told her all my heart's words how i loved her and cared for her AND all of a sudden change scene my bro and her sis already knew each other and havin some talks.

The next venue is at the pool that usually happen when GraduatingClass are on tour. I saw all of me colleagues,friends(old ones) and girls("damn! koreans someone shouted"). Because I was so confused what was happening I asked one of my old friend and he answer "Froshman party ata! acquaintance" it is so weird but at the same time I'm glad it happened and I answered him back "Ge punta lang ako sa kabila"(which is like a VIP one) and so I entered a bar with unfamiliar faces and then CUTTT!!

I woke up and back to real world. DARN! it's already 250am have to get online or she might get pissed off. After few minutes of putting myself into one, I'm now awake.


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