Friday, August 03, 2012

Has Sandman forgotten me?

Lately I've been having sleeping disorder. Partly, from the "Stuff" (stuff that you want and don't want to do) that keeps me busy and The other part shouldn't be known (for some reason, which is you know what issues; the so called magic). I find it really hard to snooze even my eyes want to shut. Thinking it would be a blessing just to have CatNap. Most times exhausted,disturbed and untamed. They say "Where the mind goes the body will follow" well in that note I agree on.

The first was normal more often than not people experience it daily. You do chores, work, eat,back to work, rest, find a way yo kill time, finish work and eventually sleep. And that I envy others for the last activity. Pointing to the second sublimely to solve the problem. Questions are:

1) what's wrong with me, ain't I happy?
2) if happy, why do I feel exhausted?
3) going crazy, missing someone?
4) feeling Unmagic?

Answering those questions from 1) onwards; I couldn't say I'm not -I got plenty of time to be Magitizsd (magic-magnetized); yeah! Feel happy especially entertaining people and mingling definitely not; sometimes I think I do have flewn over the coocoos nest; unmagic-ed? Hmmm, pause for a while. And there goes a long one.

There goes all of my answers, Still pondering what's missing in all the blanks of my days. Is it really that spark everyone long for? The one who'll put you on bed if that person is one-leg-less? (pause) Guess have to end this entry now, the sandman is calling me and I hope he wouldn't leave without me.

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