Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Rainy Days - Monday

Only two things which I love to DO(You?) on Rainy Days.

1) Bed Activites
2) Stay Up Worried

First;Bed Activites, which enlist Cuddling (Pillow/Non-Pillow); Watch TV or Movie (like bedridden); Exercise (Any will do, I love the one that is meant to be shared with Mah Lady {unluckily}) like who wouldn't want someone beside them lying on bed,cuddling, then you know whats next (fore)(kiss)(woohoo!).

And the Second (which I love the most of the two); Staying up being worried. Since I'm catching up with my restless days/nights, this would be the first crossed out in my bucketlist. And rainy days ain't helping. Marikina became famous, especially nowadays (cheers,not) because of Ondoy and if you're thinkin like everyone is thinking. YOU ARE RIGHT! Its the reason why most people here at my place are worried and staying up, traumAlarmed.

Hopefully both choices will be satisfied accordingly. (NullDream)

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