Sunday, August 05, 2012

In the mood

Slowly getting to the phase, resolving what should be. Beginning to move forward step by step, and then a "Past" suddenly showed up. telling me, "this is all because of you";"you've affected my life so much and suddenly, It's all gone". The guilt affected me some ways, but what can I do? We are "Gone".

Moments and Momeries wont bring the fire back, it has extinguished along the way. Working it out again will just darken our lives like a Car restored kit but the engine still drowns for a start. Prolonging agonies. Stooding up for her, makes it really hard for me, but I have to. Ending the yesterday with bitter sweet. All is well, after all I drew a beautiful art,"The Woman in Red Lipstick". I was really proud(for the first time) making this art. People changed, I do.. I should be proud, right?

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